Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Sports & Chlms

GET OUT OF HER UTERUS ALREADY: Chlms is in the hospital, trying to pop the infant out. She is due on January 1st but is not ready to emerge into big, bad world. But don't worry. I'm sure Chlms, Jon, the Abrams ... ahem, and the Gay families will be ready to nurture the girl. Plus me. I'm bit distracted at work because I'm dying to know what is happening in Phoenix as of now.

The Abrams Heard Me: Had a conversation with Chlms via Sorenson. Discovered that her parents were with her in time for the birth. So I asked 'em to turn the volumes up so that I can yell at the Abrams that I'm in the house. Sure enough, her parents came to the screen and babbled a little. They looked good as ever. Living in the countryside has advantages, though.

Boorish: I'm not happy that Southern Cal won the BCS National Championship. Last night, I watched the game and was turned off by USC's boorish fans and players. It was a lopsided win, obviously but that does not stop the USC players from tackling the opponents then stand up above the losing opponent as if he's better than him. A bit of jeer from the USC player to the OU player was not necessary. Basically, when they were up by 35, I changed the channels because I cannot stand watching USC's boorish behaviors.

It Begins: Today in Melbourne, the opening ceremonies of Deaflympics has started. And there is not a single information in the mainstreaming media. The only time I heard anything about Deaflympics was in USA TODAY when the Games were in Copenhagen, Denmark. It mentioned that a Deaf Russian athlete was decapitated when he sticked his head out of the 2-story bus to view the scenic while the bus goes under a low bridge. That was the only tidbit I ever got from the mainstreaming media in years. Gee, thanks, USA TODAY. For any updates with the results of the Deaflympics, one may check this out at -- it mentioned that the will enable the updates but it's not there. Good luck in finding sufficient information other than the decapitation.

Virginia Now 10-3: Debbie Ryan, still smarting from last season's dismal record at 13-16 is doing well this year at 10-3. This Thursday and Sunday will prove to be an ultimate test for the Cavaliers as they will play at Wake Forest and host No. 3 Duke. My pick? 11-4.


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