Sunday, January 30, 2005

Idiocy Runs Rampant In Conservative Republicans

It is official. Conservative Republicans are *imitating Mrs. C* MENTALLY RETARDED!

Why? The Liberals never said that they are against the Iraqi elections. Even I am not AGAINST the Iraqi elections. The Iraqi elections MUST proceed at all costs, like it or not.

My beef is that GW Bush liberated Iraq for wrong reasons. First, weapons of mass destruction. Second, terrorism! Third, liberty and freedom! Fourth, what next? That is my beef.

And I feel that we were not prepared to deal with Iraq right after the Iraqi War because we attacked the country with NO plans for the post-War reconstruction.

In fact, I was for the War when it first started. But after seeing the Marine putting the United States flag on the statue of Saddam Hussein, I cringed! Even if Bush quickly had it pulled down and replaced with the Iraqi flag, but the first impression is there!

Then there were lootings where the Marines did nothing but watch people ripping the museum that contains the artifacts dated back to the Mesopotamia. How can the Marines allow that? Of course, they are retarded. They did not realize that the priceless artifacts cannot be replaced at all.

In the first six weeks, there were chaos in Iraq that largely made me realize that the Bush Administration was not prepared to handle the reconstruction. The lack of respect for its citizens were noted with the Abu Ghraib scandal and many abuses that occured in Iraq drove some people to sign up for the Insurgents.

If we had a plan -- where we can enact things with dignity and respect for their country -- the insurgents would not happen at all. But we did not pave the path with dignity.

The result is 1,400 Americans are rotting beneath the cold soil. That is the reason why I rail against Bush and his cronies because he did not have a plan right after the reconstruction.

Spewing liberty, freedom, terrorism and patriotism are not going to cut some slacks!

Terrorism will *not* be extinguished! It will show up sporadically over the years, like it or not!

Seeing FagPatriot saying that it is a huge defeat for Democrats and Terrorists. Please don't be delusional, FagPatriot. I think a sensible Democrat would have a better plan for the post-war happenstances than Bush and his cronies.

I'm ALL for Iraqis to have an election. But do not attempt to label Liberals or Democrats as the group against their election.

It is interesting to note that we are fighting for Iraqis' freedom and liberty whereas in this VERY country, Bush is fighting hard to deny me of my freedom and liberty to live my own life.

Not only that, Conservatives think SpongeBob is gay. Says a lot about their intelligence.


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