Monday, January 17, 2005

Social, Political, Religious, Economic Tensions

Political Tension: The Iraqi Election may not be the best one the Iraqis have but they will vote. I personally thought it was wrong of Bush to endorse Allawi in the Iraqi elections. It sends a message to the millions of Iraqis that Allawi is his personal puppet. To engage in a true democracy, Bush should shut up and back off. Of course, he won't back off.

Religious Tension: McCock and Kurzetard are incredibly ignorant of religion conflicts that pitted the religions against each other. I do not see McCock and Kurzetard complain about the X-ians trying to adopt 300 Muslim kids out of Tsunami-stricken areas nor trying to rebuild a community with a Christian Church in the center of the village in India -- that is wrong approach. It only will create more tensions.

Yes, I heard about the Jersey City murders that could be considered as Hate Crime. If the reports are correct, then so be it. What the Muslims did were wrong, they had no right to murder the others. But it does NOT mean that all Muslims behave like one. It is like a Deaf person murdered one, then all Deaf are murderers. Don't you get it, McCock and Kurzetard?

Primarily, Muslims and Jews, over the years, are sick of X-ians trying to proselytize them, telling that their way is wrong, theirs are right! By doing that, you rub the salt on their struggles. Stop it. Stop it all. That's why I can't wait for the day where religions are a thing of the past.

Besides this, McCock, what happened in Jersey City is merely a speculation. You chose to use which is a tabloid often running on hearsay and exaggerated information, owned by Murdoch, the Republican who also owned the FOX NEWS. They are not honest but opinionated. I suggest you, McCock, to read this.

Economic Tension: What the fuck? Airbus A380? Why do we need it? The companies complained about low fares, demands for pay raises, high gas prices and low profits and now they got the world's largest passenger jet? Why do we need it in the first place? The reality is that we do not need them. It is pointless.

Social Tension: The Bush Inauguration, ugh. Bush already privatized Pennsylvania Avenue with his donors, supporters and loyalists pre-approved by the inaugural committee. Charged $125 for the viewing seat and $150 to enter one of nine balls. Basically, the whole she-bang inauguration week is filled with wealthy Republicans whose the Bush Administration chose to surround himself with, ignoring the true Americans who could not afford to be part of the festivities.

Am I surprised? No. I was never surprised. Ahh, typical Republican.


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