Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Sometimes A Picture Defines Who You Are

Cardoza, Head, Harrison and Staley

Gaze at the picture for a second or two. Please observe Tonya Cardoza on your left. She is the one who attempted to rebound the ball but was beaten by another player.

I am a sucker for pictures that have facial expressions, be it sports or real life. This game occured in the National Championship Game in New Orleans '91 which Tennessee won in an overtime by 3.

Many pictures can tell you about yourself or others. The way the picture was taken in a millisecond depicted how they performed with a passion. When I see Tonya Cardoza, I see her in myself. Tonya is a great player in her own right, who is also the most hardworking and ambitious player. If she wants to crash, she will do it. This picture obviously indicated that she did make an effort but sometimes it does not go her way.

Like me. Sometimes things do not go the way I wanted it to but I don't let it stop me. I try to change the directions and see where I go from there.

Do I make any sense?


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