Thursday, January 27, 2005

Insane Thoughts

It is bitter cold outside. I hate that.

Was on the subway train #1 en route to my home. One vagrant sat down right across from me. He saw the Indian lady next to me. He stared at her, then pulled his sketchbook out. And worked on her looks. It took a lot of me to suppress my laughter to see this Indian woman feeling awkward that a vagrant is drawing of her on his sketchbook.

What made me lose the control of my snickers were the guy *next* to the vagrant who was reading the newspaper. He was cute, he has to be a blogger or a reader of -- he was reading the newspaper then saw the vagrant (probably smell him first) drawing the lady on his sketchbook. The guy discretely puts his newspaper away in his backpack and pulled his tiny digital camera and took the picture of the vagrant drawing without the vagrant knowing.

People around us stared in amazement as I snickered. He turned to see me and put his finger on his mouth as to say, "Sssh!" Then he puts his digital camera back in the backpack. He slipped off on 50th Street.

The vagrant continues to draw and gave it to the Indian woman who was enamored then donated him $10.

I had to look away. It was too "sweet" for me to handle. I like bad things.

Now I wonder whatever will happen to this particular photograph that this guy took of a bum doing the sketchbook? Only time will tell.

Ahh, on another subject, four Britons who were imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay Prison for the last 4 years were interviewed and freed in London. They confirmed that they were subjected to psychologically, physically and sexually tortures.

Listen to me, Republicans, Conservatives -- if we are to be "better" than them, we have to treat them better. With these tortures at Gitmo Bay and Abu Guhraib, you can bet that the hate will increase. The resentment will worsen. The fan of hatred will rocket. We have to stop being arrogant and trample people's dignity or our generations will suffer more problems and hardships.

Don't tell me that they deserved it. Nobody deserved it. Except maybe for Republicans, Conservatives and Christians.

The 60th Anniversary of Auschwitz's Liberation has passed on, and we need to understand the ramifications of hate, ignorance and fear that caused the Holocaust to happen. Both sides (them and us) are inflcting hate, ignorance and fear on each other. And I'm trying to stop both sides -- but the problem is nobody is listening, you may as well as go ahead and build new concentration camps for all I care.

Our beloved Senators confirmed Dr. Rice (who knew about the tortures, of course) to be the Secretary of State. And it is likely that we will confirm Gonzales as the Attorney General ... the same guy who wrote the Memorandum on torture techniques. Small leap for the erosion of our rights, giant leap for the fascists. Republicans, Conservatives and Christians -- you should feel proud of this!

I found this picture -- we have zillions of god-damned squirrels in this country -- how come we train them and send it to the places to stop the Terrorists. At least, they are not covered under the Geneva Conventions!

And here is a message for New York Yankees from Boston Red Sox regarding the upcoming baseball season.

That's it, good nite. I'm outta here.


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