Saturday, January 08, 2005

News Blah, Really

MIKEY WANTS YOU TO KNOW: Mikey IMmed me from Los Angeles to tell me to check out the article in I checked and was bit amused -- at least, Deaf 1, Hearing O.

DID YOU KNOW: My former roommate fed her housecat the uncooked pasta. One morning, I saw her struggling to eat the uncooked pasta. Not something that I would do to my own cat.

TENNESSEE VS. CONNECTICUT: Both women's basketball teams are the top-notch programs in the nation, its roster filled with High School All-Americans and each team still managed to find a way to *lose* three games before playing against each other today. Oh, yeah, Tennessee won 68-67 today over Connecticut. Geno Auriemma's 4 National Championship rings were stolen in Hartford.

FLYING WOMAN: Last night, I was walking to 145 Street subway station on Broadway, mind my own business -- then I felt a thunderous crash, I saw a woman flying on 149 Street intersection. It was bit confusing as I saw a car crashing on the protective shield for the center of the road -- but how the flying woman gets in the picture? I'm not certain. All I saw was a flying woman, then the cops arrived in seconds and quickly blocked us from viewing whether if she died or not. Only in New York, I guess.

MEN IN THE ARMED FORCES ARE DUMB: Apparently, I read Shane's tidbits and it was mind-boggling to believe that the Armed Forces would pursue something like this!

SMART TRIBES: In Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the government officials talked with the leaders of reclusive tribes whose all members survived the wrath of Tsunami, the leaders said that *all* members survived. The government officials asked how they did it? They declined to share the information and requested them to leave. Some stuff are made to be kept secret. Smart ones.

GIVE ME SNOW OR GIVE ME DEATH: Frankly, I'm sick of rains. It rained too frequently lately in Manhattan. I'm ready for some slushy snow already.



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