Thursday, January 20, 2005

Favorite 80s Movies of All-Time

My favorite 80s films happened to be some kind of scavenger hunt of its sort.

Midnight Madness, which featured some familiar actors like Michael J. Fox as a teenager, was made in 1980 -- 25 years ago. Aw cripes! That makes me feel so old.

What happened in the film is that there were five groups (red, green, blue, yellow and white) who had to find a clue at different locations throughout the night 'til the early morning which one of the groups would win the hunt with honor or money -- I need to watch the movie again to refresh my mind.

Now ... as for my second favorite film of all-time ... is none other than The Goonies.

It is self-explanatory, really. Today, I still laughed at the whole she-bang drama. Hell, Karlin Hummel looked like the ever-adorable Sloth! No offense, Karlin!

I must admit that lots of snappy comments that I learned came from these films where everyone else was brutally honest with each other. It's fun that way.



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