Friday, January 07, 2005

Miscellaneous Tidbits

2005 DEAFLYMPICS UPDATE: In Men's Basketball, USA 102, Greece 88. In Women's Basketball, USA 99, New Zealand 36 and USA 92, Lithuania 61 (For your information, USA Deaf WBB team has never lost a game since its beginning -- and Sweden is aiming to change that). In Men's Volleyball (where there are many, many cute guys to drool over), USA lost to Germany 3-0, but regrouped to beat Russia 3-0.

2005 DEAFLYMPICS TIDBITS: My hearing friend who lives about 50 kilometers (40 miles? I'm not good with mathematics, really) from Melbourne told me that the city of Melbourne is making the Deaflympics biggest thing to hit in Melbourne in years and the media down under is paying attention to a great deal of details. That is fantastic! When will the American media pick it up?!

AN ODD SIGN: In Philadelphia, Jason and I drove to Downtown and yakked about various things -- suddenly, we saw the huge billboard that reads: I HATE STEVEN SINGER!! That was all. Anyone knew about it? I'm baffled by that billboard and wondered if someone personally paid for the advertisement. Any clue?

VIRGINIA WINS: Virginia Cavaliers WBB team finally picked up a win in a "close game" -- in the past, they succumbed when it was very close repeatedly -- thus, got a nickname for Virginia Chokers -- they beat Wake Forest in an overtime, 85-83.

3 THREE TOP 10 VICTIMS: Can you name the Coach that led THREE schools to the Final Four, in Men's Basketball and Women's Basketball? Well, there is *none* in Men's Basketball but one in Women's Basketball -- her name is C. Vivian Stringer of Rutgers. She led Cheyney State, Iowa and Rutgers to the Final Four appearances. Impressive. But not impressive like she did in the last two weeks when she managed to beat No. 6 Tennessee 65-51, then travelled to beat No. 4 Texas 51-47 then came back home to host No. 1 Louisiana State and pulled the red carpet with an upset win, 51-49. You go girl, Viv!


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