Tuesday, January 25, 2005

John Aravosis Was Right

John Aravosis, the Architect of AmericaBLOG.org, predicted that the Conservatives would make a threat on Bush for not pushing to get the Federal Marriage Amendment through the Congress -- if Bush won't, then the Conservatives will turn against Bush when it comes to privatization of Social Security.

When I read John Aravosis talking about it a while ago, I sensed that he could be right. But it turned out that he was right from the start. He knew that either way, the Conservatives will use anything to drive a wedge on a minority to get what they wanted.

I noticed that there are many gay bloggers out there who are Conservatives -- it appears that they are afraid of talking about it in person. So they seemed to hide behind the monitor, spewing its bizarre rhetorics from day one.

I hadn't met a gay Conservative so far in person, that is. Guess they are afraid that I'd wipe 'em off the map in a fast whim conversation. It is my prerogative belief that I'd whip FagPatriot one-on-one if I had the opportunity -- which is why he kept on deleting my comments on his blogsite. When he deleted, it proved that I was right and won the argument -- his only option is to silence me by deleting my comments.

You know, I thought Eric Heckman was insane Conservative and to think of this, I was relieved that there was only *one* Eric Heckman. But after seeing many gay conservative bloggers, I feel there are 100 Eric Heckmans out there! Of course, I am alarmed by their twisted logic at things in life. As of now, several gay conservative bloggers are silent when the pro-family conservatives declared its threat on Bush regarding the FMA and the privatization of Social Security. To me, I am utterly amused by this drama.

Oh, by the way, Robert Redford referred GW Bush as the "barking dog on TV" in NY POST. That was a good punch.


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