Monday, January 10, 2005

Armstrong Williams and Bush

Where art thou, Bush? Why are you hiding behind this growing scandal?

Armstrong Williams, the conservative columnist who was fired after the press learned that he accepted $240,000 from the Bush Administration to promote the "No Child Left Behind" program that Bush supported which, in reality, is disaster in the making for the Americans.

There is a law that does not allow the White House to do the propaganda on subjects like NCLB program, but that does not stop and Bush from breaking the law.

Not only that, it was also revealed that Armstrong Williams, himself an African American, criticized the former President of NAACP for sexual harrassments. Well, well, you know the rules -- when you pointed your finger at someone else, there are three fingers pointing back at you! It turned out that Armstrong himself settled his own sexual harassment lawsuit right before he attacked on the NAACP!

To amuse myself even more with the plight of the conservative columnist Armstrong Williams, Armstrong was a conservative who supported the conservative senator Trent Lott who said that homosexuals should be treated like those who have a problem with "alcohol ... or sex addiction ... or kleptomaniacs." In other words, Armstrong was pretty much anti-gay.

Wanna know about his sexual harassment settlement? He sexually harassed a male trainer. That does not mean anything else, really? Well, there are two other male persons who also claimed that the conservative Armstrong Williams also harassed them. That makes three men that accused Armstrong Williams.

I told you so. Conservatives are often hypocrites, they often think of themselves -- greed. Anything to pull people's lives down in order to be part of the status quo. The invisible status quo that we knew are there but they always denied it from day one.

Now on other hand, what does it has to do with Bush except that his office paid $240,000 to Armstrong Williams to promote the NCLB? Well, there is. Who benefits directly from the No Child Left Behind program? GW Bush's brother, Neil Bush. He founded a software company that helps students to prepare for the comprehensive tests required under the NCLB program.

See? Corruption reigns.

Remember the Clinton Era where the Republicans were harsh on Bill Clinton with Whitewater Scandal that amounted to nothing. Making a mountain out of hill has been the Republicans' theme during Clinton Era. Now with the conflict of interest and propaganda issues within the White House, where is the call for impeachment?

UPDATE: White House claimed that Armstrong Williams was an "isolated incident", reported by FOXNews. Actually, who really believes in FOXNews? They were busted several times for altering the information at times. Sorry I do not believe anything that comes out of White House and FOXNews. As always, McCock is an idiot. Why does he bothers to read a liberal blog?


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