Friday, January 21, 2005


FagPatriot: You amuse me. I had been reading your blog for some weeks and man, I absolutely hated the misinformation and its rhetoric rants on Liberals. Conservatives has nothing better than to bash, accuse and insult people who disagreed, criticized or doubted the sincerity of the government, especially with the Bush Administration.

Frankly, I am sick of conservatives, Republicans and Christians who often said that if we disagreed, we should get the hell out of country. Well, excuse me, you little fuck, it is *my* country -- it is you that I wanted to get the fuck out of my country.

I noticed that FagPatriot and his partner FagPatriotWest tends to write a commentary then close with an accusation on Liberals, left-wing or stuff like that. I got tired of that. It was inappropriate thing to do. After all, this is supposed to be the United States of America where everyone's opinions mattered -- not only the conservatives, but hey, stop putting the Liberals down all the time.

I came up with the plan ... to ridicule, sneer and mock at the Conservatives, Republicans and Christians. It worked beautifully. It worked beautifully to a point where FagPatriot secretly wrote me an email, babbled about this, that and there. I pointed out a lot of stuff -- and he thought he was that "smart" to let me know that his blog is not public domain. I shot back that did he sees me complain that he infringed on my "freedom of speech"? No, I didn't -- because I understood the Freedom of Speech.

Apparently, FagPatriot wailed that I tossed him out into the trash can just like that. He wailed to a point where he went on his blogsite and claimed that I wrote him an email laced with expletives, which is not true at all.

FagPatriot, WAAAH. You lost, you had to do something about it -- because you lost the challenge. Good riddance, my little cheap trollop.

As for FagPatriotWest, I thought he was sincere but perhaps I was wrong.

To Kurzetard: Once a pathological liar, always a pathological liar. Remember that.


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