Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sunday Night Is The Night

Lately, I enjoyed staying at home on Sunday nights just to watch the shows on the tube more than any night of the week. With The Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle, Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives and 24 -- who needs the cable?!

I finally got to watch 24 tonight after reading DowntownLad's comments, the show is intense but I hate the two-screen format because it confused the hell out of me with the captions -- I just wish they do not do that frequently.

I got to watch Desperate Housewives, Bree is coming out of her shell and her bratty children needs to be whacked from ruining her life. At first, I thought Bree was nuts, but it appears that she is not -- at least, not in this situation where she is now dealing with.

After that, I got to watch Boston Legal, which is the spinoff of The Practice of some sorts. Actually, all actors on The Practice was fired or let go except for James Spader, whose his character moved on to another upscale law firm with William Shatner.

James Spader's character, Alan Shore has a dark sense of humor that strikes the chord with my intuitions. For instance, when his secretary confronted him about the phone call, "I got a call from someone else who found us in the Yellow Pages and he said he committed a serious crime and needed to speak with a lawyer."

Alan's first reaction was not about the serious crime, but ... "We advertised in the Yellow Pages?"

That really strikes the chord with me. Alan Shore is similar to what I do in life, unfortunately some people perceived me to be pessimistic, bitter or whatever they wanted to call it -- I think it was not the case. Maybe my "dark comedic" was too strong for many people to handle.

James Spader as stoic Alan Shore and another gorgeous lawyer

Later in the show, I was drinking a soda when Alan discovered that the client's mother was still alive on the floor, he said to the client, "Call an ambulance, not the cops. Your mother is still alive unless if you want to take the skillet and finish her, then call the cops instead."

Gee, Alan do remind me of myself sometimes.

Why did not they cast me instead of James Spader?


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