Saturday, January 29, 2005

Be Wary of Ricky Vandal

I was alarmed to learn that a person by the name of Ricky Vandal, originally from The Netherlands, is starting a trend that might confuse the Blog readers.

According to the sources, he is a frequent member of The Free Republic, a conservative forum that spews plenty of homophobic comments. In other words, Ricky is conservative, Republican and homophobic to start with.

Apparently, Ricky Vandal created several blogs, impersonating different persons' names including Bill Clinton -- in other words, a fucking Conservative Republican is impersonating as a Democrat trying to turn off the Democrats with its false messages and hopefully, will drive them to be a Conservative Republican in the end.

Ricky Vandal is one pitiful character. But again, I'm appalled that none of conservatives wanted to touch it -- as if it never existed. It is one of their Characteristic traits -- if one of them fucked it up, they reject this person and claim that "he is not conservative, he is someone's group!" then acted as if this particular person never existed.

But that is not the point here. My point is to warn the readers to be wary of people like Ricky Vandal who is Conservative Republican who has nothing better than to attack the Democrats or Liberals for doing what they believed in.

It is ironic that the Conservatives and Republicans claimed that they are all for personal beliefs -- but it is just the words. It is not done by actions -- all they did was bash, twist the lies and used its manipulation skills to fool the masses. It is unbelievable to observe.

Care to defend yourself, my dear conservative ND30? No?


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