Sunday, January 09, 2005


If you tell a straight girl that she is a whore, she'll work up in a frenzy to defend herself.

If you tell a lesbian that she is a whore, she'll beat up to a pulp.

If you tell a straight man that he's a whore, he'll deny but secretly grinned at the thought of being called as a whore.

If you tell a gay man that he's a whore, he is extremely proud of it and boasted about it.

Sometimes, I wonder why I have to endure these fags at times?!

Last night, I went to SBNY with Surdus -- SBNY is pretty famous with gay visitors or residents as Splash Bar of New York. They underwent a renovation recently -- it was my first time to see the renovated SBNY, especially in the basement.

I was not impressed. The truth is that I was disgusted. The basement area was designed to encourage the behavior engaged in sex. Hell, the patrons by the counter can watch the murky urinals right across the bar and you could see two persons doing things in a stall -- and it is not one stall. About 10 of urinal stalls are by the bar with the murky windows so that people in the bar can watch what the men are doing.

You think it's all? Go to the left side of the bathroom -- you'll step in a total blackout open-view of urinal stalls which is *not* used at all.

Suffice to say, I kept on seeing guys jerking, sucking and groping in open view. Gay men lacked dignity for themselves. But that does not matter to them -- they cared only to get laid.


Really, I was pissed off at a hearie who shoved me in the line to pick up my coat, he yelled at me then pulled his friend who was behind me -- apparently, he was trying to talk to me from behind (Hello, I'm Deaf) -- and he decided to take things in his hands and shoved me aside.

I shoved him back -- he yelled at me, I issued the middle finger at him..

That was a minor fraction of the time I spent at SBNY. Tried to tolerate dealing with Polish folks who kept on talking with us in broken English -- very difficult to understand. The management cannot deny that sexual activity did not happen -- it is in open view for the world to see. I'll bet you a dollar or two that if someone busted them for illicit sexual activity, the SBNY management will say that nothing of this sort ever happened.

Seeing the basement was a testament to where gay men are in this society. Guys and gals, don't trust men. They are truly pigs. Or dogs. Oh, yeah, most SBNY patrons are pretty bois, twinks, Abercrappie & Bitch type -- these stuff that always go to work out in NYSC, David Barton Gym or whatever it is called for 30 minutes per day but spent 2.5 hours in the shower area.

Gay men, you embarrass me sometimes. Get a fucking room.


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