Thursday, January 20, 2005

Today is the Inauguration?

Oh, it is the Inauguration Day? Well, I walked to the subway station, rode the train and stopped by the restaurant. Observed many people walking on the street as if there was no event that Bush was gonna inaugurate today. The truth is that nobody cares.

It indicated that nobody has an iota of respect for the liar who is occupying the office in White House.

It is interesting to note that today in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the Muslim is having the annual Hajj pilgrimmage to stone the "devil".

Perhaps, the devil is Bush.

I'm glad to be in New York where I do not see any image or television that showed the face of Bush smiling its rotten teeth during the Inauguration Day. It is such a good life to be in New York.

The reports are saying that there will be lots of snow this coming weekend. I'm happy. I love watching snow doing its job but I hate the aftermath of snow. I just wish that the temperature would shoot from 20 to 100 in few hours just to melt it when I'm done with it!

I love the cold weather, but I hate the bitter cold. There are two different things in these types of weather. Brr.

I'll find a way to get a picture of my head so that the world can see what I look ... so gay.


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