Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Highlight Of My Day

It is frigid in New York. Let's make it wet, slushy and frigid on Inauguration Day and hope Bush will rant on for hours like William Henry Harrison. Know what happened to William Heny Harrison? He talked for 4 hours, I believe, in cold rain. He caught the pneumonia then died a month after taking the office.

Last night, after work, I decided to do something about my appearance -- more specifically, my hairdo. I walked by the salon and looked at the folks to make sure that I came to the right place. The folks seemed to be so gay.

Asked for some information. Then I said out of joking manner, "Doc, can you do something about my looks? it's not gay any longer. I am gay and I need to make myself so gay. I need to look beautiful and to separate from these disgusting straight men."

Carlos said, "Baby, you came to the right place."

Apparently, the place was ready to be closed when I came in and I insisted that I want to have this done *now*, not through an appointment. I realized that they had to close the salon so that they can allow someone to do the photo shoot with a couple of guys.

It was eye candy for me as Carlos took care of my hairdo. I watched the photographer ordering him to do every deed possible. It was fun watching others spraying the water on him to make him look "glisten". Then the pants had to go. My eyes widened as Carlos said to remain still. Nice bod.

I'm like, "Am I lucky?"

In midst of dyeing my hair, one of the guys offered a slice of pizza. I'm like, "I'm inhaling the chemicals and you offer me this? No thanks." It was nice, courteous and friendly atmosphere. I was bit intimidated because everyone looked so good.

Carlos highlighted my hairdo as well as trimmed my eyebrows, goatee and cleaned the areas that most typical straight men tends to ignore. When Carlos was done with me, I emerged as a gay man, not as a straight man. I look and feel so gay. I was impressed. Now I need to be effeminate just to aggravate Jeff Carlson -- nah, I won't be. But when I looked at the mirror, bit speechless at Carlos' miracle work, this nude model walked with his dick dangling back and forth -- he said, "I like your hairdo. You look great!"

I was unsure what to say, though. I said, "Ok, thanks."

Ahh, interesting, isn't it?

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