Friday, January 14, 2005

It Sucks

In the last few days, few folks from my alma mater tracked me down and talked with me via the IM. It was a nice surprise to get an unexpected IM from whoever it is.

One of them was my childhood classmate who left the school when she got pregnant. Never knew she moved to an urban area. She is from a tiny town in the Appalachian mountains. Married an interpreter. Ahh. Her son had a brain tumor when he was a kid, that was awful.

Then I got another IM from a student who dropped out of the same school where I attended. He got out of jail last year, asked him why -- he said he was impersonating a cop. I asked him would he do that?

"I was just playing. I was bored."

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

And I got the heartbreaking news from the same person that a certain fellow named Brian is losing his vision and will attend the Helen Keller National Center in Long Island. Brian has Parkinson Disease at 26, and it progressed quickly for him as he cannot control his nerves. My sister mentioned that in a short time, he'll have to secure his head with something to prevent him from jerking around. I was bit stunned because I did not know that Parkinson Disease could play a role in causing someone's vision to disappear. But again, eyes runs on nervous system. I really felt bad for him. As soon as Brian is at HKNC, I'm off to Long Island to visit him. To show that I cared. Brian was simply a goofy, horny and funny man.

If not for Brian, my life at VSDB would be so boring.


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