Friday, January 28, 2005

Ridiculous Message

I had a break at work today. Watched the tube in the Community Room. MONTEL was on. Before I could change the channel, I saw the word: deaf popping up on the screen.

Of course, I had to step back and look a little.

It was a show about "What A Miracle!"


There was a white wife who told Montel that her husband who has been "hearing impaired" and had been searching for a job in the last 12 years. Then one day, he got a massage from his wife. Then he fainted in the bathroom. His head clunked on the sink, bathtub, toilet bowl or the floor.

Voila! He can hear. What a drama! The husband nodded and sobbed. And said that he finally got the help he needed to get a job, for the first time in 12 years. There were loud applause in the background.

Montel said, "He is not disabled. He is able-bodied now!"

Again, a loud applause. I rolled my eyes, muttered to myself: "I love this. I'll tell my co-workers."

I grinned and walked back to the office, told it to my co-workers who are also Deaf. Their initial reaction was: Are you serious?

I nodded. Samuel shook his head and smiled, "So I guess it is safe to say that the message for millions of hearing mothers who saw that to drop their deaf babies on the floor in hoping to make them hear again, eh?"

I smiled and nodded.

Well said, Samuel.


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