Friday, June 11, 2004

You Go Girl, Andrea Woodson!!

Many of you knew that I love women's basketball teams. When I was in high school, my ex's high school -- Waynesboro High School fielded an excellent team in Holly Rilinger, Lisa and Heidi Diefenthaler and last, Andrea Woodson.

The trio, Rilinger and Diefenthalers, are dead-eye guards. Small but explosive. They can explode for 40 points as they often did. Andrea Woodson is big girl at 6'4 with big body-frame. She is bit slower but decidedly dominant player.

It is not surprising that you get to see the scores like 80 to 30 versus local teams. But they always choked in the state tournaments until Rilinger and Diefenthalers were seniors -- they bulldozed all the way to the finals and even routed heavily-favored team to win the state championship.

But the focus here is on Andrea Woodson. She graduated from Waynesboro High and went to James Madison University. Not far from my deaf school as well. That school is well-known for being the Cinderella team in the NCAA Tournament twice. They upset No. 1 Penn State and No. 3 Virginia on their home floors to advance further in the NCAA Tournament.

Andrea Woodson was not able to progress much better. Later, she stopped playing because she had debilitating arthritis in her hips and lower spine. That really cuts her basketball career to a standstill ... or so I thought.

Enjoy the article. Meanwhile, Andrea Woodson, you go girl!


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