Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Amarillo, Texas

I drove across the country. One time, I was driving westward on Interstate 40 about 100 miles west of Oklahoma City on the way to Amarillo, Texas. It was pretty hot, sunny and humid day. Then I saw a massive ominous clouds on the horizons. One best thing about the Panhandle Texas is its lack of trees, you can see the lands for miles and miles.

Anyway, the clouds were rolling in much faster towards us and me driving towards them. Suddenly, I was dumped with heavy hailstorm that I panicked and saw the bridge over the interstate highway, I quickly parked under it. Several cars followed my methods. I was stunned at the storm's fiercest response. The hails were smaller than golf balls, really. Several trucks also parked next to us, shielding my car from further damages.

About 20 minutes later, the sky brightened up as if nothing ever happened. Back to hot and humid.

I like Amarillo. It is All-American Beef City! Check this out for what happened last night at Amarillo.com.

On other hand, we have fourth beheadings by Islamic extremists. Soon, it will be hundreds to a point where Stalin once said, "A death is always tragedy, but a hundred deaths are just statistics." Let's just chop some Muslims' heads off.


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