Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Tomorrow Is The Day!

Last night, I said: "How's ya?" to my hearing brother online. He snapped, "For an educated person, you trying to talk 'How's ya?' makes you sound like one of us here in Hopewell."

Hopewell is a small town in Virginia about 25 minutes southeast of Richmond, Virginia. That is the town where my parents and some siblings lived.

I responded, "I know. I am practicing the lowest standards possible in order to communicate with you and others when I get there on Thursday evening."

I'm pretty curious about the whole thing because ... it'll be my first time to see my parents since last year in January 2003. It will be my first time to be in Hopewell since last year in March 2003 when Marky and I drove through to Atlanta.

Ahh, yes, I got the pics from Travis. They're too big. I need some help to cut and crush them down to tiny pics. Jayson looks good as ever. But I look trashy as ever.


Will wonders never cease?


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