Friday, June 11, 2004

Washington Sports Sucks, Tards Sucks and Dodgeball Rules!

Mystics is 2-4. You know, I really can't wait for Abe Pollin to drop dead. He seems to thrive on having his teams to lose many games for many years. We need a new management who will turn the Wizards and Mystics into the winnable teams in professional level.

All professional teams in DC hasn't been doing well. Football, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Hockey and soccer. Oh, gawd.

I think it is hilarious that people said that I can't write and am a retard, while they cannot spell words correctly. Underware? Anyone wants my sauterred onions that I found on my fat rolls? It s well cooked. Maybe I should sell it on eBay. Umm. You know how it is at eBay, anything goes over there. I swear this is my last one ... so help me, God.

I want to see the flick, "Dodgeball". It looks so funny. It reminds me of what I did when I was 8 at VSDB. In the basement of Llewellyn Gymnasium, there was a wrestling room designed for practices. The room is a rectangular sized with mats everywhere else. The groups of boys ranged from 6 to 15 years old were divided in two groups and each group were put at the end of the wall, squaring against each other. Using two balls to throw and hit someone else to get them out of the game. It was such a vicious and brutal. So many guys were out so fast ... then there were 5 of us, and 8 of them. Soon, it was 3 of us, 7 of them. I was one of 3.

The Recreational Director then pull the string to force us to battle each other bit closer than the room itself to tarry the time. The balls flew so fast and hard that it bounced off back to the other side of the room so fast that I cannot catch it. Sure enough, I was the only one left. 3 of them left.

After little bits of actions that I ran around trying to save my life, I managed to get 13 years old and 15 years old out of the game. I was 8, remember. The last one was Randy, a huge, muscular African American who is a starter on varsity football team at 15. He was a terror. He was the one who has the ability to throw the ball against the wall and it bounced back to him, denying me the chances to catch the ball freely.

The Recreational Director then took a ball away, thus only one ball is left. I was bit relieved not to deal with two balls flying around me repeatedly. Then the Recreational Director said that I have to be tough and face this monstrous being instead of worming myself out. That means what? Less than 10 throws, I'm out of the game. I have to do something drastic.

Randy kept on firing the ball, it bounced back to him repeatedly -- it was down to 4 throws left. My team insisted that I caught it even if it's being thrown so hard. I was afraid of being hurt. It aint no funny to have the ball slam on your chest and knock you down. Suddenly, I saw the ball coming straight at me (thanks to Greg who distracted me for a second), I had no choice but to try it. To catch it. BOOM.

That is the sound when you catch the ball in a rectangular room. My chest was on fire. Probably why I have hairy chest as of now. It hurts like hell. But I caught the ball. Randy was devastated. I won.

I was the hero for five minutes before the game resumed for the 2nd time out of 5.

It was fun being a hero for few minutes, really.


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