Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Once A Republican, Always A Hypocrite

When Monica Lewinsky sucked President Clinton's cock in the Oval Office, they did not invite the world to see their sexual tryst. It was one-on-one, a secret thing. A fling that millions of people on this planet do *all* the time.

Check the sex clubs, check the Triple XXX events, and check the Union Station's Men's Bathroom by the food court where Dorian Fletcher frequented. Yeah, there are swingers organizations across the nation that sponsored the events. Yeah, these barebacking parties. These tea rooms. You get the point here.

The majority of participants are more likely to be the Republicans. The P Street Beach between DuPont Circle and Georgetown in the District often brought the drunk gay men to the dark forest where married, closeted Republicans from Georgetown lurked inside the park, waiting for the drunk gay men to zip down their pants so these cock-deprived Republicans can feast and guzzle some anonymous cum down their throats.

When President Clinton cummed into Monica's dress out of exhilarating orgasm, the Republicans and Ken Starr were *so* fast in criticizing him. They singled him out.

I'm like, "Shut up, you twerps. You are no better than Clinton. Look at you, I saw you sucking someone else last night at that park..."

Now with this story coming out, I hadn't seen anyone complaining about this. Not even a Republican. Where is Ken Starr? Ack, who wants him? Such an ugly piece of shit. Where is Newt Gingrich? He dumped his wife for a younger whore. Where is Rush Limbaugh? He is divorcing his third wife.

Well, all I can say is ... once a Republican, always a hypocrite.

Honey, it is getting tiresome.


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