Monday, June 28, 2004

The Pride Weekend

The Pride Weekend was fun-filled for me. So many things has happened over the weekend.

Made new friends, met old friends, saw stuff that my friends out of town probably never saw in DC or Wichita.

Last night, I befriended a cute, timid and innocent boy at The Park -- lowered my legs in the jacuzzi and chatted with him via my pager. He was nice fella. But a twink. he said he works as a Hostess at a particular restaurant. I teased him by popping a question that he works at McDonalds. He is cute when he was fuming.

The Park was packed. Roy's friend accidentally fell in the jacuzzi -- so did my roommate. Manny tossed an empty cigarette pack into the dancing crowd mainly because he was so frustrated because it was so fuckin' packed.

Last Saturday night, stuff were pretty the same. It was packed. We all loitered all night long. It was ridiculous. Merritt shot a good quote that made me laugh so hard, "Did Reagan forget to die a while ago?"

I've decided to do something interesting with my blog. I shall establish the list of blogs that I find it stupid, inane and pitiful. How's that, dude?

I just read a weblog by one HIV Poz who said that he thinks he has the right to unload into a negative guy who pestered him to get HIV. I thought it was stupid of him, that person is obvious suicidal and in need of help. Do you let people jump off the building if they want to kill themselves? Having HIV/AIDS is a living death. It slowly eats you up, ultimately takes your looks, brains and withered you to your own death.

GeekSlut's comments proved that I should *not* contribute a cent to HIV/AIDS organizations. I do not want to contribute money to any organizations that deals with people who WANTED to convert and be converted.

And I agreed with one writer who said that gay people needs lesbians, because when hard times come for a certain persons, Lesbians always help out. Gay men vanished so fast that you could not register a thought or two. It is so true.

I got several numbers from several persons, I wonder what to do them? Call them? And get to know them? By fingerspelling so slowly for eternity? I do not know ...



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