Monday, June 21, 2004

Some Musings On My End

Merritt once told me that if I align the bed towards the north or south, the magnetic fields from the north pole to the south pole will do the wonders for your mind while you sleep. If you sleep towards the west and/or east, you will not have a good sleep. Since then, I had observed the patterns, he was apparently right in this. I had been getting a lot of good dreams.

I just heard about the drama(s) of Arkansas girls in Santa Barbara, Las Vegas and Phoenix. You know, there are certain things in life that does not change over the time.

Last night, Shane and I had a good time at The Park.

Ahh, I noticed something interesting. Bobby deleted my name on his bloglist. Umm. Interesting.

Oh, I just learned that Triple XXX is back for this weekend. Another drama in the makings. Is Awon ready for this?


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