Sunday, June 13, 2004

Such A Beautiful Day To Be Depressed!

I was concerned about a friend of mine that hadn't responded for 48 hours by pager. Turned out that he lost his pager somewhere in his bedroom. He found it. I'm relieved.

It is beautiful day outside. Too bad I'm at work and working my butt off. I suspected that I have a chronic depression. Not that it is bad thing. When I'm down, I'm down. Often when I am down, I cannot figure out why I am down. I just stay in a couch or in bed, wallowing in my misery for hours. Then I managed to get out and I'm back to normal. It is what I'd call it a manageable depression, I guess?

Delanne is getting hitched on June 19. I'm debating about going. I told her that I probably will not go but as time looms and friends are offering me a place to crash and a ride, to get out of the city right after the audit is done is a temptation to resist by all means. Wonder if I can bag Eric before he gets stucked with Delanne? Can I, Delanne? Just one time!

Two nights ago, I was ready to crash in my bed when I saw a professional talking about the Library of Congress in DC, he said that the original books were donated by Thomas Jefferson. He went on to say that Jefferson shaped the way of things in the library. There are three categories that all libraries should have: Memory, Reason and Imagination.

They went on to explain about three categories. It also mentioned that the comic books are part of "Imagination" category. He went on to say that the comic books are the American's foundation of imagination. Very interesting.

I saw Oprah Winfrey interviewing Brad Pitt sometimes few weeks ago, one audience member asked a question to Brad, "You have a nice butt, how do you manage to keep it that way?" Oprah intervened, "We agreed not to talk about his butt during the show." I was bit perplexed, perhaps they had an agreement not to focus on his butt.

Oh, did you see that our former President, William Clinton, was falling asleep during the Reagan's funeral services. My friend swears that she saw Hillary using her right arm to wake him up after the camera was on them, but I did not see it. Anyone else did that?

When I was a kid, I recalled being pressured and/or strongly encouraged by my teachers to write a letter to President Reagan about anything else, really. I do not recall being pressured during the Carter administration. I wondered if it was "patriotic" duty for the schools to force the students to write to White House? The reason I mentioned is that because I saw the former President G.H.W. Bush mentioned that one child wrote a letter to Ronald Reagan asking for federal assistance to clean up his bedroom because his parents are forcing him to clean up the bedroom. It was funny but it reminded me about my experiences as a child. I personally think it is not appropriate to encourage children to write to White House. I mean, they have better things to do than to deal with children, really.



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