Thursday, June 24, 2004

Bright Blue?

After work, Cynthia and I walked with sheer anticipation to see what Merritt and Manny did to our apartment. We were sufficiently stunned. They descerated my apartment and painted the walls bright blue.

Now I am afraid that Cynthia might get drunk and mistook the bright blue as a pool and jump into a wall.

That was BEAUTIFUL work. Wow. The living room/bedroom is still messy but Merritt claims that it will be done by 1 PM today. Then in time for 3 people to arrive from Virginia and the District.

That is going to be crazy weekend, my friends.

This is going to be a short entry today because Janyce is here for an inspection ... I have to take her on 3-building tour. Wish me luck.

I just checked out a blogsite whom I cannot stand this morning. That dude thinks he has the license to make fun of others but feels that I was overboard in terms of ridiculing and humiliating him. Well, tough luck. Life ain't fair, when an opportunity arises for me to seize and kick your ass, you bet I will take it to my advantages. Meanwhile, somebody get me a whiffle bat to whack him down.

It is one thing to object something but for one to ridicule one's objections is insensitive and overboard. Such an angry person with vile comments ... *yawn*. Waitress, give me the check so I'm out of here!

Oh, by the way, the gang and I will venture out tonight ... perhaps to The Hole, Urge, Boysroom or The Slide. It depends on how cheap the group is.



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