Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Few Blogs To Check Out

I browsed two blogs and was amused by that. Steven and Michael's blogs are charming and funny. I can relate to Michael because he's from Kentucky (I'm from Virginia). Steven is just funny guy. It's not often that a hearing person gets to make me smile (actually, there are, though). Check 'em out on Hearies Section.

Not so amusing to read: I am such a loser because I am trying so hard to be straight but I am so faggot. Someone want to donate a shotgun to this guy?

There is another gay blogger that I read with disdain. All he talks is about fucking, HIV meds, snorting Crystal Meth and how sweet life is all about. It is so pessimistic that I feel he was asking me to come down to his area and finish him. I don't think it is worth the time to identify him on my own blogsite! So SYL to them!

Have fun blogging,


P.S. Anyone volunteer to edit my huge pics -- I need to fix the pics before I post the pics of me, Rico, Yassine, Lee, Jayson and Corey.

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