Sunday, June 13, 2004


I found out that JAC (Not Jennifer Ann Cook, thank you very much!) recently bore a daughter. Her name is Marissa. Beautiful name. I was stunned by that revelation. She is part of our Arkansas clique at Gallaudet. Naturally, it takes two to tango. I do not know who the father is. All I know is his name.

That means what? Time to pull out my old tricks to scourge for the information across the nation ... to Las Vegas or Little Rock if I must. *smirk*

Either way, Marissa is beautiful name. Congratulations, my dear JAC. Cherish the moments, for she will be 18 in a short time. Up next is Chlms. You know, my sister has a daughter recently, the name is Yamka. I thought it was bad decision. Even if it derived from an Indian name which means "to blossom". But that kid will suffer the insults at school as Yams! But Lily said that she can skip Yamka to Rose which is her middle name.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my nephew, Zachary is cool dude. Zach is wild and won't leave me alone. I think he was testing me -- he is hearing guy but since he has a Deaf uncle, he kept on trying to speak to me. He's 3. When I left his home, he wailed as hell. Breaks my heart.

Ahh, kids. Chlms, if nobody knocks you up, wanna me to donate some so I can observe you taking care of my kid without me interfering? My parents would *kill* me but I'd love that ... *smirk*

*Preparing for Chlms' wrath*

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