Thursday, June 10, 2004

Honest Honest , Fear and Irrationality Rules Us!

I was reading some comments by some folks. Bobby wrote "in this day and age of hatred and terror...", he brought a topic I want to talk about.

Bobby is not the only person who said that we have to accept that we live in the age of terror and hatred as of now. Many prominent so-called leaders like Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Bush and Rice often talked about the age of terrorism upon us.

Actually, none of it is true. Terror and Hatred has been with us for eons. Attila and the Huns terrorized Europe. Spanish folks terrorized Jews and non-Catholics. In fact, the British considered us the Terrorists when we attempted to take the independence for ourselves! There are Crusaders, they terrorized the Jews and Muslims. The Turks terrorized the Serbs, Croats, Bulgars, Bosnians and Greek. Should I go on? Japanese terrorized Chinese 50 years ago. Hitler terrorized the whole world, in fact.

One will argue that the Americans terrorized the Middle East countries with threats, money and sanctions.

These terrors spawned lots of hatred among the groups, turning themselves against the governments and so on. This has been going on for centuries.

But what prompted these so-called leaders and Bobby to say "in the age of terror and hatred"? One word: Sheltered. They were sheltered far away in a country called the United States of America where they did not have to listen to the problems out of Asia, Africa and Europe. If we did not like what we see, we send the reinforcements to force them to adhere to our beliefs or demands. Simply as that.

But the Islamic Fundamentalists changed it all. They infilitrated into our fabric sense of security and took down the Pentagon and World Trade Center. For the first time in centuries, we are forced to see the reality of the world problems and are appalled that the hatred and terror continues to run like wild horses around the globe. They acted as if it was something new.

Actually, it is not new. It has been there all along. Except that the rules of the game has been altered, it is not country against country, it is a group against the country. However, people chose to be blind for a long time and live in a sheltered manner for years, boys and girls. Someone cured your blindness and forced you to see things that you do not like. But please do not call it the age of terror or hatred. Because it is not true at all.


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