Monday, June 07, 2004

Dad Said It Was His Funniest and Best One with Me

Last night, Dad mentioned that this drama was one of his best moments in his lifetime with me.

I was 4.

Dad took me, Gary and Hedy (my siblings) to Henrico County Courthouse which is a massive building that also housed the Police Department and the county jail as well. Mom was a court clerk. We were waiting to pick her up from her job. I was extremely bored and tired of waiting.

I saw a cute, shiny red box on the wall. I wondered what it is. Dad was busy dealing with Gary. I climbed on the chair and touched the red box. Pulled a white handler down.

D-oh. I just pulled down the fire alarm. I got panicked and tried to put it back by pushing and slamming it back. But the lights won't stop. The blaring alarm won't stop. Dad ran to me and pulled me off and asked me why I did it. I was confused. I did not understand.

I saw the police officers, people who were in jail, men in black robes and all stuff that you can find in the courthouse coming out of the massive building. Dad held me as men in black robes smirked and playfully scolded me. These hot, sexy firemen also came and held me in their arms and playfully scolded me. Mom was distraught with embarassment. A judge told her not to worry, it happens to the best of us.

Dad said it was the best one in his lifetime when it comes to raise a child ... that i pulled the rabbit out of a black hat and took the house out in matter of seconds.

Some old stuff never change, don't they?


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