Friday, June 11, 2004

Kordax and The Queen

Last night, I get to read my favorite comic book series called "The Atlantis Chronicles". It is about the drama within the royal family who ruled Atlantis for generations.

At one point during the series, Queen Fiona had a coronation which she will make her daughter the heir to the throne after her death. There was a guy named Kordax who appeared out of nowhere. He protested the coronation process because he is the elder child of Queen Fiona who abandoned him in the wilderness when he was an infant.

People were shocked. Queen Fiona did not deny it. She said that he was the result of a rape that occured to her on the eve of her wedding by a guy close to the family. Queen Fiona said she tried to take care of the infant but he was vicious and violent. Kordax accused her of lying. Queen Fiona went on to rip her dress to show the breasts which Kordax chomped off. Kordax has sharp teeth (long story) like a fish. The audience was horrified. So Queen Fiona said the abandonment was justified. And that her daughter is the first in line to be the heir to the throne, not Kordax.

Kordax tried to wage a civil war but lost. He was brought to the Queen's Throne Room with people watching. She said, "Release the chains. You are not here for sentencing at all."

Kordax snapped, "Got no stomach to punish your son, mother?"

Queen Fiona was very stoic and tough, "Perhaps. But what kind of a mother if one did not punish her child? You are now forever banished from Atlantis. You have the next tide to depart. If you are found in either city (there are two cities in Atlantis), you shall lose your other arm."

Kordax was perplexed, "What do you mean? My other arm?"

She did not say anything as her palace guards seized Kordax and chomped his arm off as he screamed in pain. Soon hereafter, Kordax departed from Atlantis.

That was a tough mother. When I saw the panel where the guards seizing Kordax, it surprised me.

That is entertainment, folks.


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