Monday, June 14, 2004

Timeout For Me

I needed a little break from my paperworks. Did you know that I worked from 1 PM to 1 AM last night? I expect that I will work from this AM to 11 PM tonight.

Anyway, some people asked me why I posted the first picture of women's basketball on my right?

It is all about metaphor. I love women's basketball. Stop it, Beth, I know you rolled your eyes. But the picture shows Texas' Stacy Stephens holding her ball, protecting it from several Tennessee players. Knowing their history, the rivalry between Texas and Tennessee is much longer with no love lost in it.

Look at Stacy Stephens' facial expression. She is reacting as to tell others to back off, "It's my ball, you won't have it."

Now the metaphor is that Deaf person is like Stacy Stephens. Hearing people hawked on her, trying to grab things that belonged to Deaf people in terms of education, opportunity and rights. Deaf people tends to be very expressive with their faces. So they always shot back with these reactions like Stacy did.



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