Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Tom Tricoli Needs To Be Crippled

Tom Tricoli is not human at all. He is not even a male, to start with.

Often, Deaf people tends to develop codes and slangs to chat with each other. It is their way to shield themselves from hearing people like Tom. It is always tragic that he would mock at the grammatical structures of American Sign Language.

Reading his blog is pretty pitiful to read because it is full of inane remarks. None of it is true, of course.

American Sign Language is visual language, we pick up the images and convert it into words of our own to prevent an ordinary faggot like Tom Tricoli from understanding our conversations. From there, he was able to interpret on his own and mock at it.

He does not have a career, all he does is to manage a bar. It is sad. So SYL to you and do us a favor, please die, Tom Tricoli!


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