Saturday, June 12, 2004

Trash Comments

Today, I had been working all evening on the paperworks for the audit -- then I got to chat with friends online from DC area. I must admit that I am pretty down because I'd love to see what Brooklyn Gay Pride Parade and Festival has to offer. But I have to do this job first.

Not only that, I'm concerned about someone else because he hasn't been responsive. He normally is heavy talker. But suddenly, something stopped.

The weather in New York is very brisky and cool even on June 12th. Wow.

Did you realize that I have been a resident of New York City for a year and 10 days? Time flew so fast.

A friend of mine in DC was sick with meningitis. I was astonished. I'm appalled that Darlene did not notify me that someone else was sick and sent to the hospital -- Darlene, you BAD BAD BAD! LOL!!

But again, this particular girl who got sick with meningitis admitted that in the last two years, she has been on 100-mph with her academic career and her personal life became haywire, thanks to that dofus bag called Dusan! When she said she was admitted to the hospital, the worst part is that her temperature was 104, she was having a fever and ... having a fuckin' period! Poor gal.

The reason I wanted to mention about her is that she has a twisted sense of humor like I do. She is fine and still recuperating. She mentioned that her mother flew in from Arizona to help out with her health. The first thing she uttered to her when she came in the hospital was: You finally crashed! I was waiting for this!!

Now I know where she got a twisted sense of humor.

I wondered who did I get it from? Certainly not my parents.

A friend of mine told me that Darlene sometimes wailed that she wished to be mentally retarded. Because information goes through them and they know nothing. Their lives seem to be pampered and taken care of. I can empathize sometimes. Sometimes I want to be the one so that people can leave me alone. Don't preach to me that their lives are hard, I know it is not easy being one but all I said is that it seems to be easy.

I should mention that I added three new blogs on my list -- they are old friends from college. I was delighted to see them setting up the blogs where they can spew the funniest comments about anything else in particular. They are none other than
Darlene, Amy and Jeff.

You did not hear this from me, after reading and watching Nancy Reagan's stoic approach and grief for Ronnie the whole week, I would not be surprised that she'll die shortly of heartbroken. It is often that many couples who devoted to each other for more than 30 years tends to die within few weeks or months of each other. Especially for the ones who are deeply devoted to each other so badly that one cannot function without the other. It may sound ominous but I'm speaking from my observations in different cases.

On another hand, I found some interesting stuff that happened on my birth date.

More General Interest
1906 Roosevelt travels to Panama
1923 Nazis suppressed in Munich
1956 Sartre renounces Communists
1965 The Great Northeast Blackout

1960 Robert McNamara Named Ford President

Civil War
1862 : Burnside assumes command

Cold War
1989 East Germany opens the Berlin Wall

1971 A Sunday school teacher murders his family and goes undercover for 18 years

1961 Brian Epstein meets the Beatles

1928 Poet Anne Sexton is born

Old West
1875 Followers of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse identified as hostile

Vietnam War
1967 Captain Lance Sijan shot down over North Vietnam

1988 Brief Life for Bush Dollar

1938 "The Night of Broken Glass"

Interesting? Want to know yours? Go to the History Channel. Enter at your own risk.



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