Monday, June 21, 2004

Who Is Corey?

The picture which I posted below with me is Corey Tut. He works as a bartender at several bars which I frequented. He also works as DJ at different bars as well. When I first met him, he has a tough-looking face. Kinda scrawny but so tough. I met him at The Hole when he was doing the music.

I love his music and videos. I swear that if the Rock Festival had him as DJ, nobody will dance. Because everyone will stare at his outrageous videos. You would sit and do not want to miss the next scene. The anticipation is there. I often stopped talking with friends each time they changed the scene because I wanted to see what Corey is doing the next thing.

From there, we became good friends. 'nuff said, he's cool dude.


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