Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Deaf World Is One Tiny World

I was browsing through Amy's albums. What stunned me the most is ... Jeff's brother's wife! I knew her. The last time I talked with her was in '88 and she virtually vanished on me ever since. Little did I know that Kim married Chris!!

Sometimes I love the Deaf Community. Sometimes it is a pain in the ass. Amy, can you talk to Kim and find out about Greg Crane of Seattle, Washington? I exhausted my search for Greg a while ago, it is kinda sad, really.

Today, I still smile when I thought of what you once said to me, "The only way for you to identify me and my twin sister is through our breasts. Me tiny, Emily huge and she brags about it." Sure enough, when I first met Emily, I was terrorized by her huge breasts which she added by pushing these out for the world to see. You were like, "Emily, pull it in! Stop showing it off!"

Few years ago, I saw Emily at Gallaudet Homecoming, she was dating that hot guy from Alabama who is also a bit airhead to start with. That guy is a fuckin' hairy. That is hot.

Jeff absolutely looked so different. There is no way in Heavens or Hell that I will be able to recognize him. Did you, Amy, wake up in the middle of the night and wondered who he is next to you? ;-)

Small world, damn it.

Last night, I went to The Cock for the first time in weeks. I observed lots of people struggling to get drinks while I have no problem at all. It is a blessing to have friends in high places. ;-)

At one point, I was staring at someone else and quickly typed on my pager for someone else who paged me. Then sent it without looking down at it for any miserrors. One guy next to me touched me and spoke, "Wow, you typed so fast on this tiny pager and you did not even look at it." I nodded and said on a paper pad, "Practice makes it perfect."

Such a life for me. Sometimes I type while I walk, but I never look down. I only keep my head up and try my best. Of course, there are few errors, but the numbers are very low. Not bad for a guy like me ...


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