Friday, June 18, 2004

Finally, It Is Over! My Tormentor Is Done For!

Rejoice! Spread the words to the corners of the world for the audit is *over*! Now I can go back to my normal scheduling where I can hang out with Benis and others for the time being.

After three-day of auditing my program, it seemed to me that two days ago, it was 80% good, 20% bad. But it probably downgraded to 70% good, 30% bad. At least, I'm trying. I am only first-year supervisor. I shall learn and aim to improve. So the result whether how many months I shall receive in order to operate my program will not be disclosed for few weeks. But at least, the audit is *over*.

The beheadings of Americans at the hands of barbaric Islamic extremists repeated the need to return the favor in force. How? Let's grab a Muslim on the street here in the USA and chop their heads off, then announce to the world that we did it. And if they chop an American civilian's head off in Riyadh, so can we in the fuckin' United States of America!

These twerps won't give us the mercy, so will we. Let's seize a Muslim from a taxi here in Manhattan or Chicago or Los Angeles and chop their heads off. LOL. Let's start choppin'! Off with their heads!

It all boils down to who is responsible. Who?

The Saud Family. They are the responsible ones. The royal family of Saudi Arabia belonged to an Islamic sect called the Wahabbism. That sect, Wahabbism with the blessing of the Saud Royal Family, had the freedom to craft the rules in social behavior, education and governmental practices on everyone else.

That sect, Wahabbism, is largely dominated the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Many Arabs were gullible and brainwashed by these backward Clerics who kept on criticizing the world of being infidels. That sect encouraged their people to be intolerant. That is the keyword here: Tolerance. They encouraged the intolerance.

As much as the Saud Royal Family will deny this, they support the concept of Wahabbism. How? Many Americans and foreigners that lived in Saudi Arabia for jobs, they are required to live in a compound with a 14-foot wall around them to make sure that they do not interact with anyone else. Most extremists in Pakistan came from Saudi Arabia's sect! Look at Iran, they are reasonable people, why? They renounced the sect. Look at Osama bin Laden, he is a devoted Muslim of Wahabbism sect.

So we need to cut the root of all problems. That is to wipe the Saud Royal Family out and to root and kill the Clerics who practiced the Wahabbism. That would send a huge psychological shockwaves throughout the Arabian kingdom and around the world. That Islam can live without Wahabbism.

I don't support the death penalty but in certain stances, I shall support the measures to wipe people out in order to ensure that the future generations can survive with each other.


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