Thursday, June 10, 2004

Remember the AIDS Man?

Will, Dylan, Jake and I cracked jokes all the time about the comic book that was short-lived and mother nature buried it with embarrassment.

The comic book was known as "Dino-Man" and it was produced by Deaf artist/writer in Robert Johnson and one person, I can't remember who.

IN the story, Dino-Man is a deaf superhero who met a guy who was HIV Positive and he decided to mix ... ahem ... the steroids with his blood ... he turned into ... AIDS MAN!! *growls in the background with his hands clawing in the air*

It was incredibly dumb story. So easy to poke fun at it and suffice to say, the series was folded after the first issue.

Robert Johnson went on to produce one of most successful online business in Sextoon. Unfortunately, Robert Johnson was killed in an automobile accident in Austin, Texas not a long time ago.

My sister who is lesbian and often wary of men told me that she enjoyed chatting with RJ and that he is very charming and generous man. She was duly impressed with his laid-back approach towards women in general, despite the fact that he wrote a lot of raucous works on women.

The drama between me and this person prompts Dylan to mention that to me. Of course, it made me smile.


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