Thursday, June 03, 2004

It Is 1:25 AM


Guess what? I survived the Chinese bus. When I rode the bus on the Jersey Turnpike, I could see the NYC skyline on the horizons ... it was so beautiful. So proud, so beautiful. It was bit sad to depart, though.

The trip took about 6 1/2 hours to reach Downtown Richmond. Richmond is so tiny in comparison with New York. My father told me to slow down my signs. That I was too fast. I saw too many Walmarts. That is sickening. Somebody should bomb them!

The skyscrapers in Richmond is so tiny ...

Mom and Dad seems to be OK. Dad said that I should live in Virginia and "help" Deaf people in the state. I shot back that I do not have the obligation to do that -- I am my own life, deal with it.

Ahh. Parents!

I is the VEE some stuff on my Dad's desk about my alma mater. Time to grimace, though.

NOTE TO HEARIES: "I is the VEE" is not the right sentence to be used in English but it is something that some Deafies like to make fun of English ... so sometimes we say, "I is the ..."

Will figure out a way to fix the pictures.

Then will deal with Benis on Saturday!


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