Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Size 38?

After the debacle of my relationship with Todd, my first and foremost boyfriend when I was in high school, I had no one to turn to. Not even my parents, friends, teachers or anyone else in the state of Virginia.

I was hurting.

I plunged into a depression (I never noticed) but either way, I sank and gained a lot. I went from the waist size 36 to 50. That was a cue. 50 is ugly. After some years of battling depression, I am able to keep it in check and move onwards. Slowly, I am now rolling back to size 40. For some time, I struggled to break the obstacle in reaching thirtysomething.

Last weekend, I think I just crossed the line as my pants kept on falling down. It is now to Size 38!!

Yay. This week, I plan to sign up at a local gymnasium to work out and improve my health. It is my hope that in a year or less, I will look good and healthy.



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