Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Honestly, This Is Silly

Yes, the Holocaust was a tragedy that happened in the past. We must never forget that. But to punish someone else for what happened more than 50 years ago? To strip the citizenship of an elderly person with no place to go except to a third world country is simply barbaric and wrong.

Many Germans were simply citizens who got caught up in the nationalism craze and fell for Hitler's stuff. But later, they realized they were wrong. And they probably regret and are dealing with it for the rest of their lives. Why continue to do a witchhunt and attack these elderly persons?

The Germans lost the war, they already repented. The peoples who were involved are paying for it with the images stucked on their minds until they die.

Enough is enough, let them go. Stop chasing after these people. Let things stay in the past. Don't be vengeful about it.

If we must make everyone pay for their sins, then nobody on this planet deserved to live as of now.


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