Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Here They Are ... !

Last night, I walked to my place and had a long nap (mainly because I did not feel well). I was startled by Pepe, our obnoxious demonic housecat, jumping across the bed as if someone is at the door. I turned to see Sheba barking in a low sound. Enough to emit a sound for me to feel on my bed.

Went to open the door only to see Manny and Merritt standing by the door.

Oh, sweet God. It is Pride Week! Up next is Mark, Jason, Awon and Benis to arrive in the next few days.

Of course, when Manny and Merritt were here, we talked about PEOPLE in the District. Oh, man.

All I can say is that even if NYC does not have a great Deaf Gay Community, I'm glad to be here. It is so dramatic down in the District. I am done with petty and childish behaviors. I'm too old for that.

Thank God for this week, it is going to be very flexible week for me. There is no "structured" plan this week. With Mark, Jason, Awon, Benis, Manny and Merritt, it is impossible to plan ahead in advance. Suffice to say, we will party.


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