Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Insanity Rules

Last night, my boss ordered me to go home after I began to see the typos on my paperworks, frequently confused myself in the process. A sign of wearing out. He laughed so hard and told me to go home. I went home.

On the way home, Cynthia and I got a slice of pizza for our dinner at 11:45 PM. While munching the pizza, we saw a guy waiting for his order. He had 4-inch heavy nails inserted in his earlobes. It is heavy that you can see the lobe straining downward. I looked at Cynthia, she acted as if it's no big deal.

Wow. If it happens in Richmond or Staunton, Virginia -- he'll be an outcast, period.

Yakked with Benis who were on the road to Manhattan via the pager.

At home, Cynthia was hysterical and began to slam her hands on her bedroom door. I asked her who was in it? She said, SHEBA! I told her to get in. She said, I AM LOCKED OUT OF MY BEDROOM!!

The keys are in there? She nodded then turn back to use her back trying to break the door. I stared at her. She groaned. She can hear a little. She screamed when her dog, Sheba began to whine. Her cat, Pepe started to use his paw under the door to pick on Sheba. For a long time, Pepe picked on Sheba.

I picked up and drank Bud Ice. Not bad. Then I watched Cynthia scrambling to look for a knife and a small paint can so that she can slip the knife into the knob and bang the small paint can on the knife to gain the pressures on the knob. It snapped. The door opened.

YES! She said. And she smiled sheepishly, I THINK SHEBA CLOSED THE DOOR BY MISTAKE, I'M NOT SURE.

I was tired. I could not say much. I just grinned. Cynthia said, GUESS WHAT? I FOUND OUT THAT WE HAVE STARZZ CHANNEL!

Me stared at her. Too tired to exclaim or anything. Took a cold shower then told Benis to page me when he arrived. I fell asleep.

Woke up at 3:30 AM, being paged by Benis 11 times. Oh, fuck. Ran down to meet him outside. Hugged him and brought him home.

Benis is here. So glad but too bad, this week, he probably will feel bit left out because I'm distracted with the paperworks for the audit.

Oh, by the way -- Happy Birthday, Shane.

Add Scandia to the list since I knew him from college. That dude seems to be relatively calm and quiet, but he knew how to party.


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