Wednesday, June 16, 2004


I'm walking on a thin ice. My boss is enjoying this more than I do. Since it is my first time to "see" my program being audited in action, I grimace and grinned throughout the 2-hour meeting. 80% are good, 20% are horrible. That is all I can say.

But it ain't done until Friday. So I'm checking emails for few minutes then walk around -- if my pager vibrated, it could be from my boss telling me to come up to face the representative from the state for some questions.

And by the way, the interpreter is so cute. Too bad, I had a runny nose today. I probably made a fool out of myself, though.

Last night, at Nowhere Bar, one guy kept on kissing me and said I'm the best on the block -- I'm like, "fuck off". This happened right after Web, Cynthia and Benis left.

If I'm up to it, Benis and I might check the event in Times Square as what you'd describe it as "gay networking party". No big deal. I'll just bum around. But God, I need a nap.


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