Thursday, June 10, 2004

It Chugs for 50 Years

When I was a kid and a student at VSDB in Staunton, the houseparents occasionally took the kids to Gypsy Hill Park which is about a mile northwest of the school campus by walk. It is always fun to walk across the town. You get to go up and down the hills. You get to pass the birthplace of President Woodrow Wilson, you get to mingle through the antique shops in downtown Staunton. You get to munch a char-grilled chili dogs at Hardee's on way to the park.

Right next to the park used to be the site of Robert E. Lee High School. I always drooled over its guys. I even still remembered his name -- Trey Scott. Dunno if he's gay or not.

Anyway, at the park, it has a variety of everything, really. Playgrounds, baseball fields, a lake where the ducks dominated, There are several creeks where you can run and jump over. The open fields. There is a free-standing stage with white columns where you can sit on the lawn and watch the local music, talents and so on. It also has a football stadium designed for little league teams. Right across the park, there is a fenced area where you can feed and pet the deers. It has a road around the park -- where many people exercised.

All in all, it is All-American park, really. It also has one classic that not many parks have -- a site of mini-train where kids can ride for a dollar. I rode in it many times. Sounds lame? Yeah. But it was fun.

If you're curious about Gypsy Hill Park, check it out at this online park.


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