Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Hearies Can Be Stupid

Last night, Mark and I chatted at The Phoenix. We were trying to talk as much as can be before he goes home to Wichita, Kansas. One hearing guy came over to talk with Mark, I was bit annoyed because Mark is with me to chat more before he departs.

I'm sick of hearing men thinking they have the right to bump in and take over the attention.

I was patient enough. I looked at his t-shirt. I liked the comments it said: "Sorry, Girls ... I Only Suck Dicks."

I thought it was cute. I pointed to his t-shirt and said, "I like it."

He said, "What?"

I like it.

He gave me the facial expression that was somewhat "No, no, no. Not me."

I was perplexed. He asked me by paper pad, "You tried to ask me to suck you?"

I gave him the ugly stare. I said, "I like your t-shirt, I don't want your mouth on my cock!"

He turned to ask Mark if I hated him. Dofus bag. Mark snickered. I told Mark that I already hated him a week ago!

That guy was bit scared of me since I stopped talking to him. I just discarded him as I do when I am done with newspaper into a trash bin.

Later, at the bar, we ordered two Bud Light. Jim, the bartender knew we were Deaf. Jim kept on insisting to use his voice with Mark. Mark cannot read at all. I can read a little. Mark was confused. And Jim was very rude and abrasive, he rolled his eyes when Mark flinched his eyes as not to understand what Jim said.

I interrupted Jim that he cannot understand a word he said. Jim said, "He has to try."

I said, "Stop barking with that voice, and write it down."

Jim got pissed off and refused to serve me all night long.

Who was rude?


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