Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I Am The Gay Deaf Militant Terrorist, So He Says!

Tom Tricoli is at it again. This time, I am not annoyed by his rantings. The scary thing is that I am *amused* by his creative manner to name me something cool. Something cool. Something that MJ Bienvenu and Furlano will smile with pride -- call the churches to toll the bells for Ridor is now known as Gay Deaf Militant Terrorist ... GDMT! Now the Universe shall tremble before me!

One word: Whatever.

He went on to accuse me that I was the one who sent him the anonymous messages. Actually, the truth is that I was not the one. It was my female friend who got upset when I showed her what he wrote. Simply put, she got on the computer and attacked him. But to him, it was me. Always me. Always for ever. His word is the ultimate one.

Hey Tom, you opened the Pandora's Box by ridiculing that Deaf people are bad tippers (which are not true), you were quick to label us all in a whim. Then you repeatedly called me fat, stupid and so on. What can I do to shrug you off? By calling you ugly, dumbfuck, facial wasting, AIDS boy and so on. An eye for an eye if you ask me. It is not to elevate myself above you, it is to return the favors of what you did to me in the first place.

I never asked you to read my blogs. I never asked you to care about my deaf culture, I never asked you to come over. There is always "X" on the top of your right corner if anyone does not like my blogs.

When a person is ignorant or bigot about deafness, I shall call him "hearie" until he learns his way out. For years, people always call deaf people as "deaf and dumb" or inane comments online like, "What did you say? I did not hear you." These antics are insulting, demeaning and degrading. I think it is healthy to brand a group, especially with hearing people because it indirectly empowered us to stand up and say, "So do you, dumbfuck." So I return the favor by calling you a fuckin' stupid hearie. Deal with it, honey.

Tom Tricoli, please do not deny that you never make fun of one's disabilities. You just did to me in several emails and on your blog. Suffice to say, you are a lousy liar.

When I bring your full name, I never do it with malice. I poke fun at it, you're the joke unto itself. Which is why I knew I made people snicker when I told Captain-Obvious to suck your diseased cock. It is not my problem that you got HIV+, who was careless? Of course, you. If I got HIV Positive, I'll admit that I was stupid and careless. Going to the party where you can get 2nd and 3rd strains of HIV is a testament to how stupid you are. But sadly, you are not the only one in the gay community.

If you believe that I need help because of my deep resentments and/or anger towards hearing people, it is your right to do so. I know who I am, you do not know who I am. It is hard to get me angry about hearies, I often discard and ignore them when they annoy me. Then I crack jokes about people that tried to belittle me. Then after that, I forget all about it. In other words, you are not worthy of my energies, Tom Tricoli.

Of course, you woke up an annoyed hornet today. But today, the annoyed hornet is amused with your lies and creativity. But let it go, little boy.


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