Tuesday, June 22, 2004

On My Command

Few years ago, Bray, Irvine and I had a conversation about getting attention. Bray complained that he is in the mood to get everyone's attention -- He wanted it so bad so that he can see what it is like to be constantly mentioned by others for few days.

I told him that it can be arranged. Irvine groaned and giggled. I told him about the plan. Bray smiled so hard, we did the "RIB" thing to keep the secrecy going.

I told him that in order for him to be a prima donna queen, he has to do something drastic ... something to pull the rabbit out of a hat and brought everyone to a standstill. He wanted that. I offered him the solution. He took it to his heart.

He also worked as the mascot of Gallaudet, he has to don a costume as a Bison and joined with the cheerleaders at the basketball games.

Irvine and I sat in the back rows of the Field House during the men's basketball game between Gallaudet and some team from Pennsylvania. It was very hot and tight game. At the halftime, Irvine and I approached Bray in a classroom and asked him when will he pulls the antic? Bray was sweating profusely due to the fact that the mascot itself is wool and heavy. He smiled and said, "Soon, soon."

In the second half, with 7 minutes left, Gallaudet was down by 3 points. Bray did it. Bray, inside the mascot, fainted. He knocked a cheerleader down and tumbled on a bleacher, then onto the floor. The female cheerleader tried to pull him up by kicking him in his torso (!!!) first. Then tried to call him by shaking his shoulders. No response.

The cheerleaders panicked. The fans stood up to look at the mascot. One guy ran down to get some help, he uttered: "BISON IS DEAD!!"

The basketball game was halted for a minute or two. The players (both teams) watched the mascot being attended by people, trying to free him of his mascot. It was such a drama. People came to assist Bray and hauled him out of the gymnasium. People were standing and watching Bray.

Irvine and I were amazed at the audience. Bray actually wrecked the gymnasium. I snickered. Irvine tried to suppress his laughter.

People's attention towards the game was ultimately wrecked. Gallaudet men's basketball team fell apart after the "halt" and lost by more than twenty points. Tough luck, I'm sure Bray ruined the players' mental focus on the game, really.

Irvine and I went on to check with Bray who were assisted by the campus police, EMTs and blah. Bray then looked at me and gave me a quick wink at me to acknowledge that he did it. I suppressed the smile and said, "Are you OK?"

Oh, lord. He did it on my command. For the next few days, he was the big talk on the campus. Even basketball players came to ask him if he's OK. We swear to each other to keep it a secret for a semester or two.

Bray, thanks for the memories!


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