Tuesday, June 01, 2004

No Time To Sleep

Last Friday night, I was able to get some sleep while Rico, Yassine and Web went out to loiter a little. But it was only an hour and half of sleep. After that, I found the keys. Went to meet them at some coffeehouse on 1st Avenue. We went to a restaurant in Soho.

It was a low-key tone that we approached this time before the bang that occurs over the weekend. Call it the calm before the storm.

What a fun it was to be part of the storm.

What a fun it was to be stimulated and laughed all over the weekend.

After that restaurant, we strolled throughout the Washington Square Park to The Cock Bar. I reminded myself and others that this place is where Jayson gives the free hugs. That we have to check it out on Sunday afternoon. Rico, himself from Amsterdam, was not aware about what I was talking about. After some explanations about the free hugger, Rico exclaimed: I MUST SEE IT!

The Cock was packed, rude and abrasive. We decided to ditch it and head out to The Phoenix where it was nice to be able to sit, drink and crack jokes about our lives so far.

We got home very late around 5:30 AM. And we yakked 'til like 6:30 AM, I yelled at them that I had to go to bed.

I woke up at 2 PM the next day with my pager vibrating (not in my ass, thank you very much) on the mattress. It was off to Chinatown to pick Lee (Not that Forbit or Mississippi guy).

Catching up with Lee at Nowhere Bar, Better Burger, XL and The Slide Bar was a blessing, really as Rico and Yassine went on their own rampage around the island. They ended up getting drunk at my home and made a mess. That's OK, though.

There were some pics that were taken by Lee which I will share as soon as I receive from him via emails. The pics of our weekend was very interesting and wonderful. I get to be with my friends and acquaintenances, that is absolutely nicest thing.

More on Sunday & Jayson later!


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